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  • Amy O'Connell


As mom to three boys (ages 11, 8 and 4), I get it... I know how easily life can feel chaotic and I understand the struggle. I know how hard it is to fit everything in and not fall asleep while tucking in my youngest. Throw in some extra learning needs and the associated trips to SLP, OT, PT (not to mention all the home programming that results from these trips) and life can quickly become overwhelming. Head spinning...

While community-based intervention is ideal for many reasons (improved carry-over of goals & natural opportunities for practice to name a few...) through my mom-lens, the biggest benefit is that it saves time. It saves scheduling. It saves travelling. It saves trying to get the kids out the door one more time during the week.

Simplify. Invite your SLP home. AO SLP offers full assessment services and intervention for speech/language/literacy/social goals from the comfort of your kitchen table... or wherever life happens.

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