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Many parents ask how they will know if their child would benefit from a Comprehensive Language Assessment.  If your child is struggling to learn, encode, retrieve, or recall language-based information you may want to consider an in-depth evaluation.  


Our Comprehensive Language Assessment will systematically evaluate your child’s language-based learning skills across a variety of measures, resulting in a thorough review of your child’s strengths and areas of need.  Through in-depth reporting, you will better understand where gaps exist and how difficulties in one skillset may be impacting performance in others.  



A Comprehensive Language Assessment will evaluate your child’s skills as they relate to:

Language Comprehension

Higher-level Language and Thinking

Processing Speed and Working Memory


Oral & Written Expression


Literacy Development & Reading Comprehension


Vocabulary & Concept Development


Flexible Thinking & Problem Solving


Executive Function


Social Communication


Social Skill Development






Ready for School

Gaps between language learning and achievement in other academic areas areas


Difficulty following instruction, difficulty retaining information, difficulty processing complex sentences 


Gaps in decoding skills, slow development of reading skills, including comprehension and retention

Difficulty with implied information, understanding humour, and processing figurative language

Slow to retrieve specific words, often using “empty” words such as “thing”, “that”, or “you know...” 

Limited vocabulary knowledge, difficulty learning and defining subject-specific vocabulary  


Shallow understanding of words, difficulty explaining how words and concepts are similar and different, struggles to think of synonyms and antonyms, limited knowledge of multiple meaning words


Difficulty effectively relating an idea, an event, or explaining a concept


Difficulty expanding on ideas either verbally or in writing


Difficulty planning, organizing, and executing assignments and daily tasks


Difficulty identifying problems and solutions

Common Indicators of Language-Based Learning Difficulties:
Comprehensive Language Assessment
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