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Social Emotional Learning Programming
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With working knowledge of some of the most well-respected social emotional learning programs available, AO SLP Services is ready to target your child’s social emotional learning goals in an informed and functional manner.  With close to 20 years of clinical experience, we are ready to accommodate to meet your child at his/her learning level.  For this reason, our programming is neither age nor diagnosis specific.  Our focus is identifying your child’s areas of need and then supporting skill development in a compassionate and systematic way.

Some areas targetted by our programming include:

  • Identifying basic emotions and expanding emotional vocabulary

  • Supporting identification and expression of basic needs and wants

  • Supporting the development of joint attention and basic interaction skills

  • Learning that others have different thoughts and feeling and learning to understand these differences

  • Learning to relate cause and effect and understanding the “why” of the social world

  • Learning to problem solve social issues

  • Learning to interpret nonverbal cues and infer in social contexts

  • Developing tools to improve on-topic and expanded conversational skills

  • Social scripting to support participation in social activities

  • Developing an understanding of how our behaviour impacts the thoughts and feelings of others

  • Developing a functional “tool box” to support emotional regulation

If you are interested in learning more about our Social Emotional Learning Programming, please contact us directly. We will work with you to develop an individualized learning program as unique as your child.

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