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  • Amy O'Connell

Building our Assessment Toolkit

As August brings with it the classic "lazy days of summer”, AO SLP services is busy thinking ahead to September... With our children returning to (some form of) formal instruction, educators and parents alike may soon find themselves questioning why a student lags in a particular skill area such as reading, writing, social skills, listening comprehension, and/or oral expression. A crucial part of supporting a child’s learning development is understanding the nature of their difficulty. Enter the Comprehensive Language Assessment...

Over the past few weeks, AO SLP services has been busy building our Comprehensive Language Assessment Toolkit, adding the Test of Integrated Language & Literacy Skills (TILLS) and the Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language- 2nd edition (CASL-2). Some highlights of our new tools include... . Improved identification of potential processing and or working memory difficulties that may underly and/or contribute to language and/or learning difficulties. . Expanded literacy assessments to better understand exactly where a student’s skills are breaking down. . Expanded social skills testing and more in-depth, higher-level language testing such as understanding ambiguity, making inferences, and understanding non-literal language. . Expanded testing of language processing skills to include on-line processing of more complex sentence forms and grammar. . Expanded testing of a student’s ability to pull meaning from context and derive understanding from text. . Expanded narrative testing with inclusion of memory-retention-over-time scoring. . Expanded assessment of various aspects of written language development

With the expansion of our assessment toolkit comes the ability to further customize and individualize our language assessments to specifically probe areas of difficulty and explore contributory factors to language and/or learning delays. AO SLP services firmly believes that no single tool can adequately measure the uniqueness of a student’s skills... with the arrivals this week, our toolkit is that much better equipped to tailor an assessment to your child’s individual language and learning profile.

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