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  • Amy O'Connell

When Life Gives You Nerf Guns...

As we enter week “who is still counting?” of our social distancing lifestyle, the challenges at home seem to be mounting. We have some VERY busy boys who have an almost endless need for movement and activity. We have a mounting list of home lessons to be tackled on a daily basis. We have the usual screen time battles that (I am certain) so many of you are facing hourly. And then there is the feeding, bathing, and sleeping to top everything off...

After battling with my youngest for about an hour to go outside with his Nerf Gun (how do they keep finding their way back into the house?), I realized that I was missing an excellent opportunity to engage this little man in some fun (and disguised) letter sound learning. In need of a target other than the cat, some clingy letters and the panes of our french door provided my youngest with endless opportunities to practice his sounds... and his aim :)

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